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SWF to GIF Tutorial Online

How to Get Animated GIF From SWF

Main interface of swf to gif

Input a SWF file to program.

Play the SWF file

Pause the SWF file.

Stop the SWF fil

Next frame

Previous frame

Capture a picture from the SWF file

Set time length

Control bar for SWF length

Current scale to starting

Current scale to ending

Current time

SWF to GIF Resize:

SWF file information, include SWF duration, total frames, SWF size, frame rate, etc.

swf info

Resize option

output gif width and height

Output size option, we provide some popular szie, you can also input manual.

Output size option

we provide three interpolation mode for resize.

Smooth - Smooth edge without sawtooth, make picture looks vaguer.

Sharpen - Its effect is very good, between smooth and sawtooth, picture is distinct. This is a popular way.

Sawtooth - strong contrast, distinct picture, but you may lose some details.

Output Option:

Frame rate,if you input 5, so 5 picture per in a second.

swf to gif frame rate

Note: SWF file can be divided general SWF and especial SWF

General SWF : Number 5 = 5 frames snatch at a picture.

Especial SWF : Number 5 = You will catch 5 frame from the SEF file total.

Output option, we provide General and TV wall for you select.

output gif options

Additional option.

swf effect

Output format and path:

output setting

-If your select this box, pictures will save to original folder.

-IIf you select this box, pictures will save to new folder

When you selected "To Folder" ,you need click to select output folder.

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