Half-minute Convert Flash SWF file to GIF Animation

SWF to GIF Conversion Program


  • Convert Flash SWF file to GIF Animation.
  • Keeo the frame rate as same as SWF.
  • Convert SWF to seriate pictures.
  • Rich special effects.
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SWF to GIF Overview

Small tool, simple operation, few steps

SWF to GIF Steps

It’s a lot of fun to convert SWF to GIF and share interesting GIF images on your Facebook or Twitter. If you post a SWF file on website, visitors need to install adobe plug-ins on their web browsers to watch it, and some portable devices like iPad / iPhone cannot support it. GIF file as a hot format that almost all browsers and devices can support is your best choice. But the whole job converting SWF to animated GIF seems to be difficult for green hands. That’s why you need SWF to GIF software.

SWF to GIF Converter is easy-to-use software that helps you convert SWF to GIF with simple steps. You can finish the converting process with just a few clicks. SWF to GIF Converter also enables you to convert SWF to other popular image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TGA, ICO, etc.


Help You Do More to Enhance Output Images

Frame Rate

Frame Rate

Adjust output rate. User can change the value of output rate (how many frames per second) to control speed rate. This feature is definitely not supported by most similar programs

Length of Time Accurately

Control Length of Time Accurately

Input starting time and ending time manually to accurate each frame (1 second = 24 frames). Or you could just drag the time-line bar

Resize photo from swf


You can easily resize output image at your will. Or you can keep it same as original.

Video player

Build-in SWF Player

And if you just want to enjoy SWF, it does a great job at that, as well. A built-in SWF player is provided with commonly used functions. What’s more.

Learn More about Animated GIF Files

Animated GIF files are generally animation comprised of a number of still images. You can see them on the Internet quite often. Many green hands have certain difficulty in creating animated GIF images. So SWF to GIF Converter is your golden ticket to solve this kind of problem. What you need to do is to import SWF files and just with a few clicks you can get your own animated GIFs. SWF to GIF also supports to capture single picture from the SWF files. Besides, you can also use our watermark software, designing your own GIF logo.


Learn More about SWF Files

SWF is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and action script. It supports vector and lattice graphics and also possesses specialties like: Zoom without distortion, small file size and so on. It uses streaming media technology for you to download and play at the same time. It is widely used in web design, animation production and other fields at present. SWF files are also known as Flash files commonly. Many online short flashes are GIF format. In fact, GIF saves a number of images as one image file, producing flash effect. Want to convert SWF to GIF effortlessly? This powerful SWF to GIF Converter will be your best choice.

V4.1 / 2.9 MB
$29.90 $19.90
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Size: 5.7 MB
Latest version: 4.4
Designed for Windows


The Limits of Free Trial

The unregistered edition will put words on output images.

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